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A collection of email coding–related resources.

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  • jonathandion/awesome-emails: A collection of awesome frameworks, templates, tools, workflows and many more to build better emails.
  • Good Email Code: Snippets and guides on things like buttons, CSS triangles, SVG and VML, and CSS units (rem, em, px).
  • Email Coding Guidelines: Another great guide to making sure your emails get displayed as intended.
  • 2020 State of Email Workflows: Litmus' report on how marketers organize their email-creation workflows. (Note this report is a list-building mechanism for Litmus itself.)
  • WebAIM's guide to alternative text: Images don't always load in emails, and knowing when and how to write alternative text is a key skill.

Coding/composition tools

Sending/list management tools

  • email-verifier: A Go-based tool that verifies if an email address is valid without sending any emails.
  • SpamHaus reputation checker: See if your domain name or IP address is on a blocklist.
  • EmailDestinations: A spreadsheet tool that allows you to group recipients by destination, not just domain name (e.g.,, would all be grouped under Microsoft).


  • Email Geeks Slack channel: Where email marketers, designers, and developers meet to talk shop.
  • TidyMails: A (non-selective) current snapshot of commercial email newsletters.
  • SaaS Email Templates: Examples of emails, including transactional emails, from popular Software-as-a-Service companies.


Similar CLI-based email-creation projects like Premail, languages used, and last commit:

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