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Generating a production build of your email

Once you've finished editing your email, create a production-ready copy using the --prod option. This minifies the output to create the smallest possible file.

With an email named "welcome" and a design named "postmodern", you'd run:

premail build -e welcome -d postmodern --prod

This will render index.html and open it in your browser for inspection. (If you'd rather not have it open in your web browser, for instance if you're running it as part of a larger build process, you can append -s or --noserve.)

Plain-text email

By default, Premail includes a plain-text version of your email, which is important for deliverability. You can find index.txt in dist alongside the HTML version.

Next steps

Once the production email is rendered, you can:

  • Copy the code from index.html into your emailer of choice. All the code and styles are included!
  • Copy the index.txt plain-text version, if you've chosen to have one created, into the appropriate place provided by your emailer.
  • Share these files with colleagues.
  • Commit the files as part of a repo and use something like GitHub Pages to create an automatic archive of your emails. For instance, here's the rendered file from the sample templates.