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Setting up Premail


Premail runs on Node. You'll need to have at Node 12.x or 14.x installed.

Node versions

Premail works with Node 12.x or 14.x. If you want to be able to use the watch function you need to stay at Node 12.x because of a limitation in gulp. (This means you'll see an unfortunate number of depreciation warnings upon installation.)

If you don't need to use watch, you can run Node 14.x. At this time, Premail will not run on Node 15.x or above.

Want to help us in removing these restrictions? See issues #56 and #57 on GitHub.

We recommend using n or nvm if you're managing multiple versions of Node.


npm install -g premail

That's it!

Add to an existing Node project

If you already have a Node-based build process and want to integrate Premail into it, you can install it locally with:

npm install premail --save-dev

You are also free to fork the GitHub repo and alter it to fit your needs.

Editor plugins

MJML has plugins for Visual Studio Code, Atom, and Sublime Text 3 and 4 that will help with things like syntax highlighting.