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Premail is an easy-to-use component-based build system for MJML, the email templating language, with Handlebars templating, Sass styles, and extra options.

MJML is a markup language for writing bulletproof HTML emails. It consciously does not incorporate a build process. This is that build process.

Premail is component-based, and uses Handlebars for templating. Settings are defined in YAML configuration files, and theming happens in a theme configuration file as well as (optionally) Sass files.

Email templates are all valid under MJML version 4.


One index.html file will be rendered, as well as (optionally) a plain-text version, ready to import into your emailer of choice. See an example of the default layout.

Not the right tool for you? We want you to be successful even if you don't choose Premail, so we've compiled a list of similar projects. And if you're developing a tool like Premail, let us know and we'll add it to the list!